Sell With Us

Selling Terms and Conditions

  • We are a Dress Agency, therefore we sell items on behalf of our clients. 
  • We work on a 50/50 commission split. We pay 50% commission in £ upon sale of the agreed selling price.
  • Alternatively, we can offer 75% of the sale price as a gift card to spend with us. Gift cards have a 12 month expiry date - please ask for more information.
  • Commissions are payable by bank transfer, PayPal or cash. If you require cash, please let us know in advance as we do not keep a lot of cash in store.
  • Realistic sale prices are advised by us and mutually agreed between ourselves.
  • We pride ourselves on selling luxury designer and fabulous high street fashion. Our reputation relies on us stocking only the very best, therefore all items must be clean, pressed and in as-good-as-perfect condition. We accept high end high street and designer brands. We do not accept supermarket or fast fashion brands as they do not hold any resale value.
  • Please do not take offence if we decide not to take stock in. We have a good idea what is likely to sell and what is not. We have very limited space, therefore must be selective. 
  • You will be issued a receipt for your items and a collection date. Please make a note of this date. There is a two week period after your collection date during which your unsold items will be held. If, after this period your items are still uncollected, they will be donated to local charities. It is not our intention to upset our clients but we are a small shop with very limited space therefore we are able to store for longer than the time period given. If you are unable to get to us, please call or email us to arrange alternative collection time. 01748519421 info@thelittledressshoprichmond.com
  • Please note we do not call you! We would permanently be on the phone, it is uneconomical and unreasonable to call every customer to remind them of collection dates. 
  • We do not keep plastic or wire hangers, shoe boxes, plastic dry cleaning bags or suit carriers. Please take these with you should you wish to keep them. If not we will dispose of them for you. 
  • We cannot be held responsible for breakages or damage caused to items within the dress agency. Items will be tried on and handled during the six week period. We will however make sure care and attention is present at all times.